Message From The President


All children are innocent and lovely, they are like a white blank paper. But unless someone help, care and transform, they will not have understanding of good things or bad things. In such case I felt all children need parental love and care. My heart is broken to see children in crisis like war, natural disaster, exploitation and orphans due to parents died in war or with HIV/AIDS. In every village in Myanmar, approximately half of the numbers of the people are children.

Due to lack of knowledge and extreme poverty, parents could not concentrate on their children’s needs. Unless a child go to school everything of his or her future is darkened. Therefore ACR is taking a great responsibility with philanthropic heart to serve for the lovely vulnerable children in Myanmar by showing love, care and help their basic needs. Nevertheless, we cannot accomplish this mission alone, vulnerable children do need many helping hands to reach them. Therefore ACR covets everyone’s effort and partnership to create a healthier environment and a better future for our next generation. Let us unite and serve them; together we can do great things for our loving vulnerable children in Myanmar.


Kawl Lian Thang

President, ACR