Biography of ACR

Due to political situation as it was ruled by military for the last 60 years, the country became one of the poorest countries in the world. The population of orphans is increasing rapidly in Myanmar. There are three main reasons that cause the children to become orphans and helpless in their life such as the HIV/AIDS was such a cruel disaster that encompassed the beautiful life of people, family and couples and left their children as orphans after the death of parents, secondly due to the natural disaster, especially in 2008, there was flood (Nargis Cyclone) in Myanmar destroyed thousands of land, houses and cattle and killed about two hundred thousand people. Thirdly, due to the situation in Myanmar, lots of people are leaving the country for searching jobs and that causes many children became orphans.

In the year, 2015, the hearts of Mr. Kawl Lian Thang and his wife were moved by the lives situation, hardships, helplessness and hunger of vulnerable children. Adonai Child Rehabilitation (ACR) was established by seven committed people to help create a better environment and development of the vulnerable children.

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