Who We Are

  Adonai Child Rehabilitation (ACR)

 (Caring, Teaching And Transforming All Vulnerable Children With Love)

ACR is non-profit organization registered under the government of Myanmar. It is organized by seven dedicated staffs to help the basic needs of orphans and vulnerable children from various backgrounds, religion and ethnicity.


Staffs and Designation

(1). Mr. Kawl Lian Thang – President

(2). Mrs. Aye Mya Thu – Director of Child Development

(3). Mr. Za Tling – Supervisor of Children

(4). Mr. Joshua – Project Manager

(5). Mrs. Ngun Za Thluai – Accountant

(6). Ms. Hno Chin Par – Office Manager & Treasurer

(7). Ms. Tha Hlei Par – Social Worker






* Every vulnerable child attains the rights for education, protection and development



* Caring, teaching and transforming all vulnerable children with love

* Supporting all vulnerable children of Myanmar for educational development so that they have a brighter future.



* To promote the educational rights of children

* To help underprivileged orphans and vulnerable children assuring their development

* To protect children at risk and from exploitation



* Establishing community based child protection system

* Residential care center for the orphans and most vulnerable children

* Assisting educational development for all vulnerable children and orphans

* Awareness program and Advocacy

* Enhancing the wellbeing of the vulnerable children

* Relief program and humanitarian aid for vulnerable children

* Daycare (Pre-school)


Target Area

* Chin state, Kachin state, Rakhine state and Sagaing region of Myanmar


Target Group

  • Orphans and all vulnerable children


Transparency and Accountability

We take careful responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters and partners. And we update regularly to the donors how the help and donation helps the orphans and vulnerable children along with receipts and impact report.


Future Plan

We want to extend the capacity of our residential care center to accommodate hundreds orphans to give total care such as food, education, shelter, career trainings and emotional support.

We want to organize a wider awareness program to eliminate discrimination based on parental background and promote the rights of children.

We are also looking forward to run ACR as agency for all child development centers in many parts of Myanmar.



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